Should You Be Buying Male Chastity Devices?

For those obsessed with BDSM and who feel that being locked up will give them better erection and orgasm control, using a chastity device is the only and best solution. But these chastity devices that lock the cock are not yet known to have any bad effects or side effects on the sexual life of a person or his performance levels in the long run. These chastity cages or cock cages which are worn by men to cover and lock their genitals are considered safe to be used. Though they are safe, one should not overdo and fool around against one ‘s natural instincts. You and your partner should set some limits and stick to them and take into consideration your overall health and other hygienic aspects too.

For those wearing the chastity devices for very long periods of time, health and hygiene need to be taken care of minutely. It is necessary to clean your cock and your balls very and flush out any fluid that may have got collected at the tip of the penis. To keep the prostate also clean and getting prone to get blocked a flush out of all seminal fluid is recommended at regular intervals. Most of these chastity devices are locked with metal or plastic keys which are kept with the other partner as a part of the teaser element in the sexual torture game.

For those who don’t mind wearing the device for longer periods even under their clothes, the plastic cages are the best as they are more flexible and are also more comfortable for the wearer. When the device needs to be worn for a relatively shorter period of time when both partners are together and are enjoying teasing each other, then the metallic cages are the best. Male chastity devices can be bought over the counter or they can be custom- made too.

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Best Portable Sound Gear for Musicians

Many high profile venues provide public address (PA) sound systems to bands and musicians for them to perform but there are locations that do not offer any PA systems. In such cases, musicians are expected to bring their own sound gears. Hence, it is very important to choose the best portable sound gears that easily fit into the trunk of their vehicles.

Let us understand what characteristics are needed to qualify as the best portable sound gears.

  • Good power – System should be able to produce more sound from the low wattage amplifiers.
  • Good mixing – System should be able to handle one or more than one channels and power a small band probably eight or more.
  • Flexibility for inputs – System should be able to include inputs for mics, wireless receivers, jacks for instruments and microphones. Additionally, providing room for MP3 players and other playback devices is considered a plus.
  • Provision for phantom power – This is optional except that some musicians prefer to use condenser mics.
  • Good quality sound – Portable amplifiers are the best. With many such available in the market you must read the Roland Micro Cube review which states that it is a versatile amplifier with high quality sound effects that can function for hours on batteries and has the ability of total recall.
  • Good equalisers – There are different types of sound equalisers, starting from 2-band equalisers. It is necessary to choose one that suits your need. For example a 2-band equaliser is good for controlling preset low and high frequencies, a 3-band equaliser on the other hand allows you to make tweaks between vocals and guitars, a 5-band or 7-band equaliser can be used to tailor the sound as per the performance and so on.
  • Light in weight – The most important factor to check while buying a portable PA system is that it should be lightweight so that it can be carried around comfortably and does not occupy much space.
  • Venue selection – It is recommended to try the PA system at different locations to get a feel of the performance before the actual show.

Overall, a good portable PA system should produce high quality sound and should be easy and flexible to use.

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What To Look For In Rain Jackets

There are few things that are very important for a rain jacket or a raincoat to serve the purpose well and it is very important for the buyers to look for such features that would make their expenditure on these coats a worthy one.

  • First and foremost, the material. Generally, not all raincoats are made from good quality materials and this can be easily gauged from the prices charged for them. The ones that cost very less are generally not of good quality and hence going for such ones would call for more investments and repeated spending on the same product. Their lifespan is very short and has to be handled a little extra carefully. But the ones that are a bit expensive than these are known to be of a good and reliable quality. So a person should go for the ones like these though they may go beyond their pocket`s capacity,  I got the best rain jacket for my sister here.
  • When comes to kids, the materials that are used for the raincoats are actually not that great and one reason for this is that they try to bring in some exciting cartoon characters or some special pictures that might interest the kids. Here quality cannot be expected and the colors and the prints are what matters here. And with kids, it is going to become a repeated expenditure.
  • There are few slickers that have now come with a water absorbent feature. These are specially designed and manufactured for the safety of the electronic gadgets carried by people all the time. Mobile phones and laptops are mostly seen with everybody and it becomes essential for them to safeguard even these tools along with their personal cover. So going for such special raincoats would actually solve this dual purpose of both safeguarding you as well as your precious gadgets.
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