Buying Butt Plugs Online or In Store

I love to go to the supermarket, scan through the stands to explore the new products in the market, the changes in the existing products and the latest offers. The kind of satisfaction I receive when I personally pick up each item by hand, imagine using it and then adding it to the trolley automatically drives me out of the house into the busy market. The shopping may take a toll on my time, energy and money. Still, I enjoy every moment of it.

Recently, due to the poor strategic location and my household commitments, the market visits have dwindled to a great extent. Keep apart the routine items, what about the sex toys? For many, these toys give excitement to their shopping schedules. However, not everywhere we can find stores selling them, and even if we manage to find one, the atmosphere may not be encouraging.

Store to the internet

Now the majority of my shopping is through the internet and for many regular items, I am like an ambassador for online stores. This is quite convenient for those products about which we are very sure about its suitability, brand and price. Online stores usually give much higher discounts on the products.

However, many times I hesitate to order new items or new brands online. Even if the offers are too tempting when I am not confident about the utility and quality of the product, I either try to get it by personally visiting a store or make a small online order and a trial.

This should be the essential consideration while buying a sex toy. For example, you want a butt plug. By scanning through the online sites, you come across hundreds of models, many of them new to you. The images may be attractive but the colon-touching toy has to be chosen very carefully.

You visit a physical store for the same and actually examine them on your hands. If you see a beautiful, new jeweled butt plug, you can assess its making, edges and shape easily instead of buying with a dual-mind.

On the contrary, if you are very confident of what you want and its details, you can readily login to a top store like love plugs and shop.

The verdict is clear, reliable stores are better in a conducive environment for new products and online stores add convenience to savings for tried and tested toys.

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Should You Be Buying Male Chastity Devices?

For those obsessed with BDSM and who feel that being locked up will give them better erection and orgasm control, using a chastity device is the only and best solution. But these chastity devices that lock the cock are not yet known to have any bad effects or side effects on the sexual life of a person or his performance levels in the long run. These chastity cages or cock cages which are worn by men to cover and lock their genitals are considered safe to be used. Though they are safe, one should not overdo and fool around against one ‘s natural instincts. You and your partner should set some limits and stick to them and take into consideration your overall health and other hygienic aspects too.

For those wearing the chastity devices for very long periods of time, health and hygiene need to be taken care of minutely. It is necessary to clean your cock and your balls very and flush out any fluid that may have got collected at the tip of the penis. To keep the prostate also clean and getting prone to get blocked a flush out of all seminal fluid is recommended at regular intervals. Most of these chastity devices are locked with metal or plastic keys which are kept with the other partner as a part of the teaser element in the sexual torture game.

For those who don’t mind wearing the device for longer periods even under their clothes, the plastic cages are the best as they are more flexible and are also more comfortable for the wearer. When the device needs to be worn for a relatively shorter period of time when both partners are together and are enjoying teasing each other, then the metallic cages are the best. Male chastity devices can be bought over the counter or they can be custom- made too.

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