Should You Be Buying Male Chastity Devices?

For those obsessed with BDSM and who feel that being locked up will give them better erection and orgasm control, using a chastity device is the only and best solution. But these chastity devices that lock the cock are not yet known to have any bad effects or side effects on the sexual life of a person or his performance levels in the long run. These chastity cages or cock cages which are worn by men to cover and lock their genitals are considered safe to be used. Though they are safe, one should not overdo and fool around against one ‘s natural instincts. You and your partner should set some limits and stick to them and take into consideration your overall health and other hygienic aspects too.

For those wearing the chastity devices for very long periods of time, health and hygiene need to be taken care of minutely. It is necessary to clean your cock and your balls very and flush out any fluid that may have got collected at the tip of the penis. To keep the prostate also clean and getting prone to get blocked a flush out of all seminal fluid is recommended at regular intervals. Most of these chastity devices are locked with metal or plastic keys which are kept with the other partner as a part of the teaser element in the sexual torture game.

For those who don’t mind wearing the device for longer periods even under their clothes, the plastic cages are the best as they are more flexible and are also more comfortable for the wearer. When the device needs to be worn for a relatively shorter period of time when both partners are together and are enjoying teasing each other, then the metallic cages are the best. Male chastity devices can be bought over the counter or they can be custom- made too.

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